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How to get Slackware Linux 7.1 onto an Advent 5480

Part 1: What is an Advent 5480 anyway?
Part 2: Okay already! Does Linux work on it?
Part 3: Where do I start?
Part 4: basic install
Part 5: Getting kernel 2.2.16 to work
Part 6: Things you can do to make it work even better, for people who like experiments.
    6.1. The sound. Are they kidding? That system beep is stupidly loud and annoying
    6.2. That darn flipping annoying bloomin' X Windows bug. I LIKE virtual terminals. Gah.
    6.3. The DVD. Regional encoding indeed. Pah. And only watchable under Windows.
    6.4. Trying to make the www key do something cute
    6.5. Trying to make the other windows keys do neat stuff, too
    6.6. APMD- the Advanced Power Management daemon
    6.7. Problem with plugging in an external PS/2 mouse
    6.8. Using a USB Logitech wheel mouse
    6.9. Playing Mpeg and DivX ;-) movies
    6.10 The perfect(ish) kernel recompile
    6.11 IrDA, or How To Use Infrared on your Linux
    6.12 Customise your Bash prompt for your laptop (requires APMD enabled, very pretty)
Part 7: Conclusion & how to get more help

How to get Linux onto an Advent 6414

New: Got an Advent 6414 or similar? Try this page .

Comparison table for other Advent machines.

New: Looking for extra memory for your laptop? Try this site - disclaimer: I am not in any way involved with them. It's at your own risk ;-)

New: A mailing list.

Really actually dead important NOTE: if you have an Advent laptop that isn't the 5480 DVD, please please send me your /proc/pci and your machine's model number along with the details of how you managed to configure it, which bits you got to configure right, and so on, so I can add it to the Big List and make other future Advent Linux laptop users happy ;-)