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Linux on the Advent laptop mailing list

Just in case anybody wants to avail themselves of it, I've put together a mailing list on this address:

It ought to be activated around the 3rd or 4th of July.

To subscribe, click here.
To unsubscribe, click here.

Or to subscribe without using annoying mailto: urls, try sending a mail to, with blank content and the subject 'subscribe'. I have no idea if it'll work, but it should ;-)

Basically, the point of it is:
partly as an announcement mailing list ("I just added a whole section on how to interface to a tribble via the Advent 5480 IrDA port!"),
partly as a help list ("How do you make the sonic screwdriver on the Advent 2001 work with Linux kernel 2.2.16?"),
partly for new discoveries ("XFree3 does work, actually"),
and mainly for anything else even vaguely Advent related you might wish to discuss.

It might be entirely useless, and if people prefer to get first-hand help they can still write to me at and they will eventually receive an answer - but if this list takes off then other, more knowledgable people than myself can answer all the hard questions before I even notice them. Then I can just nod my head sagely...

I would like people to join this list and lend a hand. If you have Linux on your choice of Advent laptop, you're profiting (quite rightly) from the hard work of a lot of rather nice kernel hackers, designers, software authors, and of course the FSF, without whom we wouldn't have a full OS at all - and it'd be a nice gesture to help a few other people use it, too...