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Kzinti clock WindowMaker dockapp
Em Tonkin

An(other) original, although highly pointless, docking application. Written to celebrate Larry Niven's 63rd birthday. I ported it to Windows; it's available here (tested on Windows ME and XP).

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About this app:
Full credits are listed on the README file included in the .tgz. Although there isn't all that much to say in this case. Kzinti numbers are based on a font by Daniel Thibault (

Copyright :
All work I contributed on this is copyleft and GPL'd. This means you may redistribute and alter, provided you leave copyright notices intact and give credit where due. 

Download: wmKzinti-0.1.tgz

More about this app:

As Daniel Thibault says, the Kzinti script is known to have evolved from claw markings in wood. This means that there would be no transverse strokes (to avoid going across the grain). His font is thus based on dots and commas, both of which could easily be made with Kzin claws.

Furthermore, the Kzin use an octal system. For the purposes of this clock, however, I am using these numbers to represent human times, but in octal conversion. Therefore, when the clock shows '14.12' it isn't a bug, it's 14 octal hours, which makes 12 decimal hours- and 12 octal minutes, which makes 10 decimal minutes. Of course, if somebody will give me an algorithm to extract Kzinti hours from Unix seconds-since-the-Epoch, I'll be happy to add it to the code.

Anyway, I don't recommend using it to help you get to meetings on time ;-)


I also have a Klingon clock, and my own XMMS theme with it (a Ringworld theme).

Not to mention my Ringworld WindowMaker theme.