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Ringworld XMMS skin
Em Tonkin

From an image showing the Ringworld Engineers, by Paul Marquis

Preview image:
Screenshot of XMMS theme Click on the image to download.

About this skin:
It is based on an image from the gallery at, and also heavily based around the 'Fire' theme, for the moment. This is mostly for historical reasons- this is the first and so far only theme I've done. 

Copyright :
All work I contributed on this is copyleft and GPL'd. This means you may redistribute and alter, provided you give credit to the original authors. 

For perfectionists:
At the moment, this skin has an error somewhere in it that means it tends to give a ***WARNING : read_bmp() Error in bmp file
As far as I can see this makes no difference whatsoever to its actual usability, and probably wouldn't even appear under Windows. I think it's a bitmap format error. However, a friend has promised to fix it for me so...

You can also download a Windowmaker Ringworld theme, a Klingon clock and a Kzinti clock that counts in octal.