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Ringworld WindowMaker theme
Em Tonkin

A port of a Windows theme available on

Preview image:
Small image of Ringworld theme Click on the image to see a larger version.

About this theme:
It is based on a theme available at

Copyright :
All work I contributed on this is copyleft and GPL'd. This means you may redistribute and alter, provided you give credit to the original authors. 

Download: Ringworld-0.1.tgz


There is no sound available for the moment as I tend not to use the sound server.
The Eterm configuration used is included in the .tgz file above as 'MAIN'.

I now use my own XMMS theme with it (also a Ringworld theme).

The odd-looking docking app under the clip on the top left is a Klingon clock, also available here. You can also have a Kzinti clock that counts in octal.